How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

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Obesity has become one major problem, particularly in the USA where 1 in 3 people suffer from this disorder.  Losing weight can be challenging at first because we are so used to our daily routines that it becomes difficult to break those cycles.  We ignore healthy foods.  In spite of many benefits, people avoid healthy food and choose to eat junk either because it is easier to cook or because it tastes better.



It is very important to remember that every diet must be done correctly and supported by exerciser in order to obtain positive results.  Being consistent on daily basis will get you in a rhythm that will give you the motivation to keep going.  Start slowly with a month program, for example, adapted to your personality.  It is recommended to first start walking daily everyday for 20 minutes at the same time of day.  You should start to feel better after one week just by doing this one thing consistently.

On the internet you may find hundreds of suggestions and ideas of how to lose weight. Here are 2 simple steps you can take that have proven to be successful.


Reduce sugar consumption

Sugar is considered one of the most dangerous foods in your daily diet.  Sugar is everywhere, we are addicted to sugar.  Products such as any soda, certain energy drinks, of course any candy sweets contain loads of sugar.  Regulate your sugar intake and cut down on any products that contain sugar.  You don’t need to cut everything overnight out but do gradually phase out sugar containing foods from your diet.  You will start to feel much better after just one week.


Eat when you need to eat

It is vital to establish the difference between need and pleasure. The majority of people see the difference, but consume unnecessary carbs loaded junk foods such as snacks or chips.  Most people rather have a bag of chips then a banana despite the benefits it has in weight loss.  Yes it can be difficult to control your cravings but with small changes in your diet you can be on your way to a healthier you.

What we may not realize is that craving serves its purpose initially when we are hungry.  Once cravings are satisfied in the first 5 minutes of our meal we must realize that eating further and further turns into eating for pleasure.  In order to have a healthy lifestyle, you must change the way you look and think about the food you eat at every meal.  Once your cravings are satisfied try to stop eating and later in an hour or two when cravings come back have another small meal but just to satisfy your cravings.  Get in the rhythm of eating this way and make it a habit.

Remember these actions toward losing weight will motivate you to take further action because you will see progress in a few short weeks.   That’s where it all starts, with little actionable first steps.  You will start to feel that this is really achievable.  You must take those first steps of action.  This will motivate you further and start you on the right path to a new you.