6 DIY solutions to remove facial hair

Unwanted hair can rise either healthy issues, if it is located in your armpits, or it can cause embarrassment because it grows in areas that give you the impression that you don’t feel confident, such as the face, legs or arms. Hence, everybody wants to find the perfect solution and get rid of the hair. If you ever considered to use techniques like permanent waxing or laser, you should think twice. There are many other natural remedies that you should consider first.



Alum & Rosewater. The two ingredients are used in India and Pakistan since ancient times to remove unwanted hair.

Remedy: Mix ½ tbsp. of alum powder with 2 or 3 tbsp. of rosewater. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply on the areas covered with hair, leaving it on until it dries. Repeat the process for about 60 minutes and cleanse with warm water. In order to obtain positive results, repeat the procedure several times a week.

Basil & onion mixture. Apart from being used in the kitchen to give taste to food, these ingredients are also used as remedies.

Remedy: Crush 10-12 basil leaves with the membranes from two onions, which you have taken from between its layers. Apply the mixture on the unwanted hair, wait for about 20 minutes and wash gently. Repeat the remedy several times a week for at least one month.

Thanaka & Safflower. The bark of the tree called Thanaka is usually converted into a yellow powder which is mixed with safflower oil in order to remove unwanted hair for good.

Remedy: Make a paste using enough quantities of Thanaka powder and safflower oil, so that you can cover the affected area, then apply it on your skin and leave it on overnight. In the morning wash with warm water and repeat the procedure several times a week for a few months.

Spearmint tea. Spearmint is well-known for being able of balancing the hormone level, which is one of the main causes of the excessive hair growth.

Remedy: Put 6 spearmint leaves in a pot and cover with hot water. Leave it covered for about 5 minutes, then drink the tea. Drink one or two cups of spearmint tea every day.

Blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap molasses is rich in minerals and iron, helping the body regulate this imbalance in a natural way. The lack of certain minerals, along with iron lead to hair-related problem, which can be either losses or excessive growth. Including this remedy in your diet will first eliminate the existing hair and last it will prevent its growth. Therefore, you should consume two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses daily.

!! In case that you have diabetes or you take iron supplements, consult a doctor before including these ingredients in your alimentation.

Foods rich in phytoestrogens. Because the excessive growth is mainly produced by a high level of male hormones (testosterone and androgen)in a woman’s body, the female hormone, estrogen, is generally taken down. The best option is to neutralize this level by consuming foods high in phytoestrogen such as soy and products, gotu kala, flax seeds, licorice, fennel or alfalfa. Include these ingredients into your diet, either as teas, condiments or raw. They may be very effective, but this effect can be seen only in time, therefore you have to be patient. You will not regret it!