How to cure dry & chapped hands, elbows & heels

HANDS Balm: Ingredients: 1 cup Cocoa Butter, 1 cup of Shea Butter, ½ Jojoba oils and ¼ beeswax. Remedy: place in a bowl the above mentioned ingredients and heat them in the oven at 180°F for about 2 hours, covering the bowl with an aluminium foil. Once they are melt... [Read More]

How to remove armpit hair

Underarm hair is more a beauty issue that mostly affects women, especially during summer, when it is uncomfortable to wear tops or sleeveless dresses. Because the heat forces you somehow to wear sleeveless clothes, it would not be very pleasant to see underarm hair. Removing the unwanted hair in this... [Read More]

Face masks against pimples

Acne is a very serious skin condition that affects the majority of the population. Generally, it is quite hard to get rid of it without spending huge amounts of money, but there are also some very effective natural remedies, which not only remove the acne from the skin, but they... [Read More]

Home Remedies for Dry Itchy Skin on Elbows

The skin of the elbows is very sensitive and delicate, drying very fast, particularly during the winter or other periods with low humidity. This situation can be solved at home by following natural and safe steps. Exfoliate again and again. Exfoliation is the most important step in getting rid of... [Read More]

Scrubs and gels for dark circles

The market is full of cream, gels and ointments that can help reduce the under eye circles. But you must pay a lot of attention when choosing them, because they have to contain active ingredients such as vitamin E which reduces dilated blood vessels, vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids,... [Read More]

Really effective home treatments for cellulite

Generally, women are affected by cellulite, no matter if they are young, old, fat, thin, common women or celebrities. They all search different ways of getting rid of it. Cellulite is usually caused by hormones, lifestyle and genetics. This information is not relevant for the ‘patients’, they only want to... [Read More]