Natural remedies for joint and swelling

Joint pain and swelling can be removed with the of the following vegetables. Specialists say that Suwa, shepu and dill leaves have medical properties, healing many health-related issues such as digestive disorders, diarrhea, joint pains or swelling. Dill leaves can help in the healing of antispasmodic disorders. Due to their... [Read More]

Pregnancy Insomnia Herbal Tea Recipe

It had been demonstrated that 8 out of 10 pregnant women, usually in their third trimester, suffer from insomnia. The most probable cause seems to be a strange combination of hormones and specific conditions such as heartburn, anxiety, frequent urination or leg cramps.   Initially, pregnant women feel the need... [Read More]

Home remedies for ingrown hairs

As women we always search for perfection – a soft, smooth and moisturized skin. Sometimes, imperfections that are very annoying and worrying appear. Ingrown hairs are a very unpleasant condition that can produce serious harm if they are not attended in due time. They appear because your skin is not... [Read More]

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Obesity has become one major problem, particularly in the USA where 1 in 3 people suffer from this disorder.  Losing weight can be challenging at first because we are so used to our daily routines that it becomes difficult to break those cycles.  We ignore healthy foods.  In spite of... [Read More]

How to whiten your teeth with activated charcoal

As smokers and coffee lovers people may search for different modalities of whitening their teeth. The market is rich in this kind of solution, but one element that has proven to be quite effective is activated charcoal. It is true that when you think about charcoal you immediately think about... [Read More]

How to lift your breasts at home?

The beauty of a woman consists of many factors among which are breasts. In order to contribute to the eternal feminine concept they must be upright, because otherwise they make the opposite sex lose the interest. Generally, men are attracted by a pair of upright breasts, even if they never... [Read More]

How to Fix Your Fatty Liver?

One of the most common diseases in the USA is NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), on short “fatty liver”. It is described as a liver full of fat that eventually causes chronic disease and inflammation in the body. Research has proven that the main cause of this disease is fructose... [Read More]

10 Foods to Cleanse the Liver

There are many aspects of modern society that cause damage to our body. Our liver is one of the parts that is affected from everywhere: pollution, junk food consumption, absence of exercise. If the liver suffers it cannot contribute to the fat and toxin removal. However, there are elements that... [Read More]