How to Get Rid of Calcification on Your Teeth

Posted in : FACE & BODY CARE

Teeth calcification is considered a periodontal disease and is formed through the increase of the plaque deposit up on your teeth. With a yellow or white color, it can produce tooth decay or gum disease if not taken care of. One of the main process to success is home tooth care, followed by regular visits to the dentist.



Home care

You should brush and floss your teeth with a toothpaste rich in fluoride two times a day and, if possible, in between the meals as well. Use circular movements, as left and right motion will only move the bacteria from one to the other side of your mouth. Remember that an appropriate brushing followed by flossing, prevent the calcification of your teeth.

Dentist visit

Twice a year, you should visit your dentist for a professional cleaning. He/she will take care of each tooth in part, applying a fluoride treatment in order to strengthen and protect your teeth.

Reduce smoking and coffee consumption

Coffee and smoking are two elements that leave stains on your teeth, weakening the enamel and stimulating the plaque formation. As this happens, calcification will be harder to remove and your teeth seriously damaged.

Use a whitening toothpaste

For a better cleaning of your teeth, you should buy a whitening toothpaste or strips. They are rich in hydrogen peroxide, a whitening agent that helps removing the plaque and calcification as well. It is recommended to be used one time per week.