Natural home remedies for back pain

Posted in : FACE & BODY CARE

Factors such as muscle tension, pregnancy, excessive physical labor, arthritis, improper diet or poor sitting position may reduce the flexibility of the spine, produce pain in the back, interrupt the sleep and stop us to develop a proper daily activity. However, there are some solution that you can adopt at home.

You can use ice as a painkiller as it blocks pain signals and reduces protuberance. Apply an ice bag wrapped in a towel on the affected area and repeat the process several times a day taking short breaks to let the skin breathe. After two days, substitute the cold with heat in order to stimulate the blood flow and prevent spasms. In other words, apply a wet towel (warm) on the harmed area, cover it with transparent plastic and position a heating pad across the plastic and leave it action for 20 minutes. Repeat the methods several days.

You should also correct your posture by finding the ideal position, the one that stresses the least your back. Focus on all postures: walking, standing and doing exercises.The more comfortable you feel, the better is for your back.

Morning exercise is very important; but not a normal exercise, but one in which you basically stretch your body parts: arm, legs, head, spine by elongating them.

Another solution could be the massage made by a friend. You can use a rub cream, but be aware of the fact that it may produce damage to your skin. Therefore, replace it with a sock full of tennis balls, for example.

You can also resort to drugs that contain substances which help the body reduce backache. For instance, you can look for a cream that contains capsaicin, a substance found in hot pepper and massage your skin with it. Take after every meal (though wait about 30 minutes until administration) 500 mg of bromelain, an enzyme derived from pineapples that stimulates circulation and reduces swelling. In addition, you are advised to consume 250 mg capsule of valerian, as its active ingredients have a sedating effect over the body. Generally, sedatives should be avoided, but valerian is not that aggressive.